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The world famous Wacker Clothing Company long sleeve linen shirt is our signature style. A unisex oversized shirt made using the most luxe 100% organic linen. 


You'll notice that the fabric tag on the lemon linen says 95% bamboo and 5% spandex - we made an error and used the fabric tags from our tshirts intead of the correct 100% linen tags. In the name of ethical and sustainable fashion we decided not to create more work and add to textile waste.


So, while your lemon linen tag says bamboo, its a trick - the garment is 100% linen and it is the softest, prettiest linen we ever did see. 


Our garments are designed in Noosa and ethically made by a small team in Vietnam. Linh is our sample maker and main seamstress and a beautiful human. She and I are sorry that the label is wrong but we know you will love wearing one of only 30 lemon linen shirts made with love. 


Carlie xo   

Lemon Linen Shirt

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